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Get Your Perfect ICU RN Resume

Challenges of Writing an ICU RN Resume

Being an ICU nurse is very challenging that is why nurses who want to apply for this job should have extensive training and great will to tackle complex nursing care. An ICU nurse should always be quick and efficient in emergency situations. That is why creating a perfect student nurse resume is a bit tricky because you need to make sure that you include all your hard earned skills properly. An ICU resume should be comprehensive and without any irrelevant information. Most nurses think that creating a great ICU nurse resume can be as complex as the duties in this field of nursing.

What a Perfect ICU RN Resume Should Look Like

Here are the aspects you need to consider in creating a great resume if you want to be an ICU nurse:

Specific Work Experience

Make sure that you indicate specific job descriptions on your previous jobs. Any general information about nursing responsibilities should not be included because you are applying for a special area. Indicate the areas you have experienced working in. Indicate what type of area it is like if it is a medical/surgical area. Avoid using area names like EW 2 which are only known by people who work on that particular place. Provide a list of equipment that you were able to use or operate.

Bed Capacity of The Facility

Do not forget to include the total bed capacity of the facilities or institutions that you have worked in previously. Also indicate the number of beds in every area you worked in those facilities. This will tell potential employers your ability to handle patients whatever the census is.

Computer Experience

Every nurse should be at least computer literate in this day and age. Many medical facilities are already using computer aided monitors and other electronic gadgets. An ICU nurse should keep up with the latest medical technology to deliver fast and efficient patient care. Do not forget to include your knowledge in terms of computers when preparing an ICU RN resume.

Specific Education Information

You need to indicate the kind of degree in nursing that you have (MSN, ASN, BSN, etc.). If this information is not present, chances are slim that your ICU RN resume will be read. Include the school you attended and make sure that you spell out the words and avoid using acronyms. Place the exact dates of beginning and completion of your degree. Always indicate the city and state of your school. If you are looking for some inspiration, feel free to review our icu nurse resume sample.

Professional and Grammatically Correct

An ICU nurse should always be professional both in and out of a medical facility. Professionalism should always be reflected even in writing a resume. Convey your professionalism by using proper grammar. Make sure that the overall look of your resume is neat, clean and orderly. Make sure that your resume is printed on white paper with dark and crisp ink. 1-inch margins are advisable. If your nurse resume is composed of two pages or more, make sure to put your name and the page numbers on top of every page.

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