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How to Write a Nursing Assistant Resume

winning rn resume with our reliable help

If you have a well-presented and good nursing assistant resume, then you are ready to look for employment. You must know that your resume is like a good advertisement wherein you are getting attention for other people to like your resume but if you create a poor resume, you surely can’t get any employment.

Also, think about your nursing assistant resume as a sales document wherein you should illustrate about all your experiences and skills. If you do this, you can definitely get the employment you want for a long time. All you need to do is know about the information you need to include and not.

Do’s to Successful RN Resume

  • Use high quality paper that is ivory or white
  • Keep your resume to one or two pages only
  • Be honest
  • Do not handwrite but computerize it
  • Use Caps or bold to highlight headings
  • Use chronological order (reverse)
  • Use 11 or 12 font size. Make sure text is readable
  • If you use a paragraph, keep it under 7 lines
  • Provide contact details
  • Include about awards and honors
  • Identify about the skills you learned in your school
  • Include work experience with precise dates.
  • List responsibilities and job title
  • State date of graduation
  • Include employment history
  • Proofread your nurse resume.

Don’ts When Writing Registered Nurse Resume

  • Avoid making abbreviations
  • Don’t misspell words
  • Don’t use personal pronouns like “me” and “I”
  • Don’t include testimonials
  • Don’t include about your salary information
  • Don’t mention the hours you want to work
  • Don’t use jargons and complicated sentences
  • Avoid including reasons why you left your job.

When making your resume, you must be specific and brief. Do not include information that is not needed in your resume. For a good resume, you must need to have goals, skills such as communication and customer service, achievements and education.

Get a perfect resume for RN from professional writers!

To create the best among the best, it is needed to follow the said tips. Even though you have experience in making a resume or not, you can still create an appealing resume if you know what you will do and what information to include in your nursing resume.

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