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I was pretty impressed with the outcome of my resumes in nursing. They wrote based from my instructions and so I appreciate them for that. Thank you guys for making excellent resumes to all job seekers out there. I would hire you again in the future.

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ICU Nursing Resume Doesn’t Have to Be Hard. Read These 9 Tips

winning rn resume with our reliable help

What Is an ICU Nurse?

Intensive Care Unit (ICU) nurses provide care for patients with life-threatening medical conditions. They work in the critical care unit of a hospital or healthcare facility and look after patients who have experienced accidents, invasive surgery and trauma or organ failure.

What Does an ICU Nurse Do?

Nurses working in an ICU assess and monitor patient progress watching for sudden or subtle changes in a patient’s medical condition that might require emergency intervention. Many ICU nurses specialize in a particular area, such as adult or pediatric care, cardiology or oncology. Each of these areas may involve performing different duties and require specialized training. An

ICU nurse may care for just one patient or be responsible for several. Critical care nurses should be prepared to work long hours and deal with life-and-death situations on a daily basis. Excellent teamwork, multi­tasking and interpersonal communication skills are essential for an ICU nurse, and they must have the ability to rise to challenges and remain calm under pressure.

What to Include in the Resume ICU Nurse Applicants Submit for Job Application

The resume ICU nurse applicants create is a marketing tool used to convince potential employers to learn more about you. It must show that you have the required skills to be a successful ICU nurse. The function of a resume is to describe what you can do and relate the skills and abilities you possess. You need to demonstrate to the hiring manager that your previous accomplishments are relevant to their needs. Information that your resume should contain includes:

  • your contact information and credentials
  • summary of your qualifications including areas of expertise
  • professional experience you have
  • your education and certifications.

Tips for Creating an ICU Nursing Resume

icu nursing resumeAlthough there is a high demand for nurses this doesn’t mean you will automatically land the job that you want. Here are nine tips that will help improve your resume for ICU nursing:

  1. Explain industry specific acronyms. Many different people will be reading your resume and not all of them will be nurses. Write things like association names and certifications out initially so that the reader knows what an acronym stands for.
  2. Highlight accomplishments and more unusual experiences in your resume. It should not read like a job description. It isn’t necessary to list all the routine duties that an ICU nurse performs. Focus on experiences that were more important, interesting or out of the ordinary.
  3. Add an expertise section to your resume. A bulleted list of areas you are proficient in provides hiring managers an overview of your capabilities.
  4. Organize your employment history in reverse chronological order. The majority of employers prefer to see the applicant’s work history arranged in reverse chronological order. This means your most recent job should be listed first and then work your way back.
  5. Use keywords in your resume. Agencies and human resource departments usually have plenty of applications in line for a position. They will search their database of resumes through the help of keywords relevant to the position being applied for.
  6. Keep your resume brief and to the point. Employers seldom have time to evaluate every resume they receive. Ensure that your resume will grab an employer’s attention as soon as they look at it by getting right to the point. Generally one page should be enough. Your goal is to generate enough interest to gain an interview so everything doesn’t have to be included.
  7. Use a consistent writing style throughout the resume. Your writing style is a reflection of you so make sure to keep your resume professional, organized, methodical, and consistent.
  8. Proofread your resume. Spelling mistakes and other mechanical errors look unprofessional and detract from your resume.
  9. Use an ICU resume sample as a guide for writing your own. A good sample can show you how to format your resume and the type of information that should be included.

If this seems like a difficult task for you we can help you with writing, editing or proofreading your ICU RN resume.

About Our Nursing Resume Service

Our nursing resume service provides expert writing assistance with resumes and cover letters whether it’s ICU or NICU resume. We use professional resume writers experienced in the nursing field. They know what information hiring managers want to see and the best way to present it. Additional advantages of using our service include:

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