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Licensed Practical Nurse Resume

Licensed Practical Nurse Job Description

Under the guided supervision of an experienced registered nurse, a licensed practical nurse performs a variety of tasks ranging from administering medicines and taking vital signs. Similar to nursing aides, licensed practical nurses provide primary care but have a higher level of responsibility as well. Licensed practical nurses are tasked to keep medical histories and records of patients and administer basic care. Furthermore, licensed practical nurses can perform CPR if needed and are well-versed in the various first aid practices. A licensed practical nurse can be seen as a bridge between both licensed registered nurses and nursing aides, bridging the gap and being a form of vital communication between these two careers. In addition, licensed practical nurses can further their careers by going into various specializations or proceeding with further studies to become fully licensed registered nurses.

 Licensed Vocational Nurse Job Requirements

  • Administer basic first aid if needed for the patient
  • Administer medication to patients in proper doses and time constraints
  • Be able to monitor patients by recording their medical history and keeping a comprehensive medical record

Successful Licensed Practical Nurse Application

Similar to nurse aide courses, a practical nursing course is a short-term course ranging from one to two years. After this course, an individual may take certification to become a licensed practical nurse. Furthermore, licensed practical nurses are qualified to take the national board exams to become fully certified practical nurses. There are limited slots for licensed practical nurses and this is why you must be able to craft an excellently written resume for RN. As this is the case, you must be able to perform well as you are studying to gain your LPN degree.

Professional Licensed Practical Nurse Resume

Licensed Practical Nurse ResumeAs there are various nursing programs ranging from nursing aide to nurse practitioners, there is stiff competition in finding jobs even with your practical nurse degree. However, with a well-crafted licensed practical nurse resume, you will be able to gain valuable advantage as this will help your application stand out as you look for a job in your chosen field. We can provide you with dedicated service in crafting an LPN nurse resume. We are a dedicated writing service with significant experience in crafting resumes for various nursing specializations.

We can help you write your enrolled nurse resume from scratch while at the same time ensuring that you get the highest quality of service. In addition, we also provide editing services to polish and perfect your RN resume, giving you a significant advantage as you establish your niche in your chosen career.

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Turnaround/Level Standard (5-7 days) Rush (3 days) 911 (24 hours)
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