Nurse Case Manager Resume

Nurse Case Manager Job Description

Nurse Case Manager ResumeThe case manager will visit with patients to collect necessary patient information, she will where such need arise explain the implemented care  routine to the patient and family and keep all patient related documentation up to date. She will be able to assess the patient’s state and provide further treatment required and if the need arises formulate a plan of care (POC) form recording treatments. The case manager is apt team player, effectively interacting with the attending doctor and adjusting the POC as required. The case manager is required to administer the needed medications and to assess the patient’s response. Included in her duties is the drawing of blood, application of catheters and other medical services without neglecting to give an accurate account of all treatments and test results to the patient’s doctor.

Case Management Nurse Job Requirements

  • The case manager is able to evaluate each patient’s file, look into symptoms and oversee the patient history in order to advise an appropriate treatment plan.
  • The case manager will be required to visit with patients to collect necessary patient information.
  • The case manager is especially required to administer the required medications and to assess the patient’s response.
  • Interaction between the case manager and the doctor is vital to the patients well being and recovery.

Successful Nurse Case Manager  Application

The case manager should be able to plan programs and direct treatment programs to ensure all risk management procedures was properly considered and patient care services were suitable. A hospital that maintains high standards of patient care is a good hospital and likewise it is the case manager prerogative to ensure all patients receive high quality care. There is many intricate details that has to come together in the perfect new grad nursing resume for nurse manager profile, if it does employers will be extremely interested.

A patients condition needs constant evaluation and on those assessments hinge the proper planning, arrangement and any needed changes to treatment programs. In establishing all this effective interaction between the case manager and the doctor is vital and everything should be properly and accurately documented, where necessary consent forms must be obtained and patient records compiled. Family members may worry unnecessary and are prone to jump to hasty conclusions, as such it is necessary that the case manager keep them informed about the diagnosis and treatments that will be required.

Professional Nurse Case Manager  Resume

Due to the high responsible factor associated with this position a case management nurse should have completed a properly accredited nursing degree and should have passed the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN) examination. Many employers in this field prefer a four-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, others go as far as accepting only nurses who have achieved the level of Master’s Degree in Nursing. A nurse with an accredited Bachelor’s in nursing degree may pursue a Master’s in Nursing Case Management. Due to stringent legal requirements governing the effective care of patients in the medical profession a case manager who can also provide a legal RN nurse resume is of immense value to her profession, seeing that she will be knowledgeable in all the legal requirement surrounding sound medical care practices.

No two patients are the same and similarly treatment may vary, therefore intensive evaluation and planning must be applied to each distinct case so that tailor made procedures can be evoked for each patient. The nurse case manager understands the necessity of cooperation with other agencies and how to manage all nursing activities in a responsible way.

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