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Nursing Portfolio vs Nursing Resume

winning rn resume with our reliable help

An interview is coming up, and they have requested you to bring your resume plus your portfolio. Why both? What would you present in your portfolio? Is there a difference between resume and portfolio? Well, many people have asked that question before. Here you will find the comparison between a portfolio and a resume. Most importantly, you will understand the difference between a nursing portfolio and a nursing resume.

Comparing Nursing Portfolio with RN Resume

 Main characteristics of a resume:

  • The length of the document is about 1-3 pages.
  • It follows an order, a standard format.
  • A list or a short summary of education, work, and any relevant information is provided.

Main characteristics of a portfolio:

  • It is a detailed and thorough document with the function of being a supplement to the resume. Therefore, it does not replace a resume.
  • Includes work accomplished by the applicant such as brochures, spreadsheets, manuals, etc.
  • It is presented on black and white or even electronically. Websites, presentations and PDFs can be included.

Some may wonder, what about those who are currently under the title of “students”? Some tips are provided on how to build a nursing student portfolio.

Main Types of Nursing Portfolios

nursing portfolioTo start, it is necessary that at the time to build a nurse portfolio the author makes sure that the content of his portfolio will carry a same line of thought. Those who review the portfolio should be able to understand what the author is trying to express. That is why, the student should ask himself: What kind of portfolio do I want to present?

The student’s portfolio types are the following:

  • Career
  • Assessment
  • Development

The career type is also known as professional nursing portfolio. The purpose of this one is to promote oneself to get a job.

The assessment portfolio type is the one where students can show what they have learned. The purpose of this type of portfolio is to present it to instructors who wish to test their students’ achievements.

Finally, the development portfolio type which is also known as “Self-assessment portfolio” is designed for students to share their experience and to meditate about their skills. This type of portfolio should be presented to instructors and not to employers.

nurse portfolioOn the other hand, a nursing portfolio demonstrates the ability to provide a consistent and high quality care. Also, it needs to show the capability to identify the patient´s health status. It is important to add the motivation that helps to influence their practice. Analyzing a portfolio that contains the attributes that makes a person seem perfect for a job is what employers are looking for. A person who is applying for a position where care is delivered should try their best to boast in their portfolio about their positive attributes, knowledge and skills.