OR Nurse Resume

Specialty Job Description

OR Nurse ResumeThe title OR nurse refers to a registered nurse whose prime function is to assist a surgeon in the satisfactory completion of surgical procedures in an operating room. Such a nurse has an obligation to ensure optimal operating conditions by organizing all equipment and tools necessary for the procedure. Registered nurses before commencing duties in the operating room are required to pass a stringent state administered exam and only after passing this exam do they qualify for this position. Should you hold this qualification, it would be advisable to send in a resume for registered nurse that reflect your skills and abilities to perform this job. An OR nurse are also known as a Perioperative nurse which like an OR nurse is a nursing specialty that works with patients who are having operations or other surgical procedures.

Job Requirements

  • A professional OR nurse should consult with availably healthcare teams to review, prepare and create patient care plans before and after operations.
  • Should be available and well able to carry out pre and post-op educational workshops.
  • Should be able to Take and document patient vital signs.
  • All nurses should be comfortable to provided essential bedside care.
  • The preparation and dispensing of medications by any of the required medical ways should be well practiced.
  • Perioperative nursingshould assist surgeons with the collection of all patient information during surgical procedures.

Successful Specialty Application

The objective when working as an Operating Room Nurse is to make use of extensive knowledge and enormous experience of all surgical procedures so that you can effectively aid the surgeon in the absolute best way. An RN nurse resume should aim to be as complete and informative as possible.

  • Some key qualifications would be helpful like.
  • At least six years’ extensive experience in a nursing profession.
  • You have to be currently licensed as an RN accepted by the AR Board of Nurse Examiners.
  • You should have proven an excellent ability to completeall necessary exams and procedures and should be able to document all interventions in EMR.
  • An experienced OR nurse should be highly educated in preparing and in usingessentialapparatus and instruments for examinations, treatments and procedures that may be reasonably required.
  • A nurse who is not highly informed and skilled in vital sterilizing processes and procedures are a deadly risk to her profession.
  • The job doesn’t stop in the operating room, but OR nurse should have experience in volunteeringsympathetic nursing care to any and all patients in post-op.

Professional Specialty Resume

Any hard-working and balanced registered nurseis thrilled to be an integral part of the operating room team, and more than that to be regarded as ethical, prompt and a competent resource for complex decision making.
As a vital part o the essential makeup of an OR nurse and one of the qualities that is not negotiable is leadership, secondly the ability to effectively delegate and lastly proper supervision of assignments. Intimate knowledge of all specialized apparatus used in the operating room for obvious reasons. In this technological advanced age computer literacy must be mastered.