Travel Nurse Resume

Travel Nurse ResumeThe travel nursing concept was developed as a result of a shortage of nurses. This is therefore an industry whose function is to provide travel nurses who work in temporary nursing positions, although the majority of positions are still in the employment of some hospital. A professionally prepared travel nurse resume is the first step in landing a job in this rewarding field. You may need a good nurse practitioner resume writing.

Travel Nurse Resume Job Description

Effectively the travel nurse is simply a nurse who, due to a need in a local or distant location, may require her to be employed at such location for as long as it might take. This is popular under many nurses because of the freedom it offers to choose where and when you work, this is generally seen as a great benefit that allows travel nurses the ability to take time off at their leisure, when they want and not be stuck at the same job day after day. The professional travel nurse has all ways been acknowledge as all-rounder profession in the medical field therefore a professionally prepared resume for registered nurse should come in handy should a change be considered for some personal reason.

Hospice Nurse Resume Job Requirements

  • If the nurse’s home state has joined the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLCA), the nurse will be allowed to work in any other compact state as long as the home state license is in good standing.
  • It is required that a travel nurse must have an RN degree.
  • After becoming an RN (and passing the N-CLEX exam), an individual has the freedom to choose to specialize in an area of personal interest such as acute care, surgery, pediatrics or cardiac care by getting a master’s degree in nursing (MSN).
  • Most facilities demand that applicants must have a minimum of one year of on-the-job training (post-degree) to be taken in account for a position as a travel nurse.

Successful Travel Nurse Resume Application

There some requirements applicable to a travel nurse, such as a minimum of 1.5 years of clinical experience. When possible a travel nurse may receive a nominal orientation to the new hospital all this is by no means a given thing, sometimes there will be no orientation. Since a travel nurse are operating solo for lengthy periods they are expected to be extremely skilled and well-informed in their given specialty.

Professional Travel Nurse Resume

An outstanding RN resume most frequently reflects an outstanding professional. Therefore by no means sell yourself short, make sure that you market yourself well. It is your good name that’s at stake, so make it as professional as you can. A Travel nurse’s resume must present information quickly, clearly, and in such a way that makes your extensive knowledge relevant to the position in consideration. As a travel nurse is likely to provide care to the elderly during her career a professionally prepared geriatric nurse resume would a great to have in hand should such an opportunity arise.