Correctional Nurse Resume

Correctional Nurse Job Description

Correctional Nurse ResumeDespite serving their sentences in prisons and in jails, incarcerated individuals still have access to basic rights such as health RN resume service. A correctional nurse is the primary access of these individuals to health service as these specialist nurses specially provide services to them. As specialists, correctional nurses encounter different kinds of patients and different cases as well. Correctional nursing jobs require a lot of patience and even bravery as you work with potential prisoners. Most specialists encounter cases of trauma, infectious diseases, chronic diseases, substance abuse and even mental illness. As incarcerated individuals may not have comprehensive medical histories, correctional specialists must be able to provide for and treat these patients despite this lack of data. A nurse working in a correctional facility must as well be able to properly interact with incarcerated individuals, treating them with utmost respect while at the same time providing them with medical support and care to the maximum extent they can.

Job Requirements and Common Duties

  • Provide medical support to inmates and incarcerated individuals. In providing medical support to inmates, a correctional facility healthcare specialist is able to make a difference in the life of that inmate. Even those who have committed some of the most grievous crimes still have access to proper healthcare and it is the job of a correctional facility nurse to be able to provide this change and service.
  • Treat patients from varying states of life, ages and race. As a correctional facility healthcare specialist, the main challenge is to be able to provide service to people of varying demographies. You may be able to encounter individuals with practically no medical history yet at the same time be expected to provide them with primary care and assistance.
  • Stabilizing patients till an ambulance arrives. Each correctional specialist in the U.S. is supposed to take responsibility and react quickly if the inmates’ lives are in danger, whic is not a rare thing to expect in such stressful conditions.

Successful Correctional Nurse Application

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