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Create Professional Nursing Portfolio with Us

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How Can an Electronic Nursing Portfolio Help You?

A nursing portfolio is something that every nurse needs to put together right from the start of their career. It is a full record of everything that they have ever done as a nurse just as an artist might keep a portfolio of what they have created. It is used for far more than just recruitment and career advancement, however. Your portfolio will also be required for licensing, applying for awards, and personal development.

A well thought out nursing professional portfolio is not always something that is easy to put together and to maintain; but it is vital to your career. Putting together an online profile for your electronic portfolio, however, can make things easier for you as well as making job hunting so much easier.

Many jobs will have hundreds of applications so the better that you can make your application stand out the more chance you have of gaining that all important interview. Building a nursing portfolio website, therefore, is an ideal way to differentiate yourself from many other applicants. Our nurse resume writers know how to help you with it, so don’t miss your chance!

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The Advantages of Building a Professional Portfolio Nursing Online

Keeping a professional portfolio is a vital task for any nursing professional and often many nurses will keep more than one. They will keep one for their own personal development and another that cherry picks the highlights of their career and major achievements that they will often use for job applications.

Having your portfolio online is an important part of career marketing and can help you to get invited to interview for positions that may not even be advertised. There are many advantages that are related to keeping your portfolio and medical profile online:

  • Provides you with greater visibility through online searches
  • Offers unique information to recruiters in an easy to review package
  • Shows off your skills as well as your personality
  • Creates a great first impression and helps you to stand out
  • Shows that you are forward thinking
  • Keeps you available for future career opportunities at all times

Creating Your Nursing Professional Portfolio Outline Online

Creating a portfolio website can be relatively simple if you have the time to dedicate to doing it. There are several easy to use platforms that can be utilized and literally thousands of different looks that you could apply for your own personal site. Knowing what to put on your site, however, can be another matter.

As Alison C Clark says writing for Nursing Times:

“Professional portfolios are an essential resource for nurses to record their developing skills and knowledge as they progress in their career, and are equally vital for student nurses. The key to compiling a strong portfolio is knowing what constitutes meaningful evidence of their achievements, and how to structure one to best represent their professional and personal development”.

The following is an outline of the areas that you should cover when building a nursing portfolio:

  • An up to date resume copy that shows your current status
  • A personal statement or value statement so that the reader can understand your personal motivation and beliefs
  • Copies of college transcripts and degrees
  • Samples of your academic achievements including research and any publications
  • Copies of all of your licenses and certificates
  • Details of any membership to professional bodies and organizations
  • Full details of past job descriptions and responsibilities
  • Competency checklists
  • Performance evaluations
  • Reference or recommendations
  • Awards and any other recognition that you have received
  • Details of any committees that you may sit on and anything that you may have contributed
  • Details of conferences that you have attended
  • Volunteer works undertaken
  • A personal development plan along with its supporting documentation

Our Professional Staff Are Qualified to Help with Your Portfolio

We offer some of the best professional portfolio nursing help that you will find online through staff that has proven themselves many times over. With more than 5 years experience helping nurses with their portfolios we have higher degree qualified nursing professionals that know precisely what you need to have within your portfolios and how that information should be organized and presented to make the biggest impact.

Our website designers also have all of the design and technical experience and knowledge required to put together a site that is going to be capable of making you stand out. They can provide you with a site containing up to 5 well-designed pages as part of our standard package and will work with you making unlimited changes until you are totally satisfied with the end results. And may you have no doubts, our writers are those, who can help you with NICU resumes writing – just try!
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The Benefits of Our Professional Online Portfolio Services

We can always ensure that your information is presented in a way that is going to get you noticed. You get to work directly with our experts through our systems and they will continue providing you support until you are totally satisfied with your site.

Our support offers you:

  • Unique content with free plagiarism testing
  • Proofreading to a high standard to eliminate all errors
  • Guaranteed delivery within your agreed timeframe
  • Highly affordable and confidential support
  • Guaranteed satisfaction with your online nursing professional portfolio or your money back

Make putting your site together online easy with our professional and reliable support with your electronic nursing portfolio services!