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Creating an Outstanding New Grad RN Resume

winning rn resume with our reliable help

You battled your way against all odds and when the smoke cleared, you are now a new grad RN. So what is the next step? Finding a good nursing job and start a career of course. Time to look for potential employers and do your best to impress them. What would be one of the most important things you need as a new grad registered nurse?  A shining new grad RN resume is your best bet to reel in that job you always wanted.

Challenges of Writing a New Grad RN Resume

Writing a resume when applying for a nursing job has its challenges like writing any kind of resume. There are too many information that needs to be incorporated in it and some are redundant or not necessary. It may be overwhelming at times to sort all the data that you have to make a great new grad nursing resume. Some of the questions that you may face are the following. Do you need to put your nick name? Do I need to create a different email address for my job applications? Do I write the full name of my school or just the acronym? Do I need to add jobs I had that are outside the field of health care? These questions and others will be easily dealt with because in this article, you will be guided on making a great resume especially if you are a newly grad registered nurse.

How a Perfect Profile Segment Should Look Like

The profile, or the overview of your resume, should be concise and should not be just a summary of your experience or achievements. It should draw a picture of you to the potential employer’s mind. Make sure that you write your full name and do not use your nick-name. Be sure to have a formal voice mail message if you place your mobile number in your resume. If you place your home number, make sure that there are always people around who can accept formal messages from HR representatives. Do not use an email address like “ironboy13@hotmail.com” for job applications. Creating new one dedicated for formal emails like job applications is a very good idea.

Education and Training

new grad rn resumeMake it a point avoid using acronyms in your new RN resume. Spell everything out to avoid confusion. Include the city and state of your school and don’t forget to include the years you attended. Include all the training and certificates that you have. It is also a good idea to include all your working experience that you may have gathered. You can even add job experiences not related to nursing as long as you highlight the skills that you gained from them like using computer programs or time management. Every edge that you can dish out is always welcome as long as it is appropriate.


Be sure that the means to contact your references are always current and available. Inform the people you have listed down that you chose them as references so that the can prepare for any calls or emails they may receive from potential employers.

Be Neat and Use Grammar

A good new RN cover letter should look neat and have good grammar. Remember that your resume also reflects your personality. Creating a professional new grad RN resume means that you are professional enough to be given a chance for an interview, so be ready to take the next step closer to a great nursing career.

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