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Enterostomal Nurse Job Description

Enterostomal Nurse ResumeEnterostomal nursing is a highly specialized field aimed to provide therapy to individuals and patients suffering from various wounds and having different ostomies. An enterostomal therapy nurse specializes in providing care and management for patients with wounds, ostomies and incontinences. Moreover, they provide assistance in preventing ulcers, both pressure and venous/arterial ulcers. As these specialists encounter these cases, they encounter patients of varying ages and backgrounds. However, in these kinds of diseases, it is inevitable that there might be some setbacks such as the encounter of death and the encounter of patients with different levels of comprehensions for their diseases. It is needed that an ET specialist is able to provide assistance and build a long-term relationship with patients as they actively participate in providing treatment of some long-term diseases. Moreover, it is expected of enterostomal specialists that they are updated of the latest technologies and treatments in the rehabilitation of patients with wounds, ostomies and incontinences.

Job Requirements

  • Aid ulcers, wounds, abscesses heal quickly. In helping these openings heal quickly, patients are able to be discharged from the hospitals more quickly, making a more efficient hospital and healthcare system. Especially in dealing with the elderly, an enterostomal nurse should be able to aid in preventing bedsores of patients, making them feel more comfortable despite their illnesses and disabilities.
  • Prevent bedsores. It is therefore important to be able to provide long-term care plans for wounds in order to completely eradicate the risk of gaining infection from the open wound.
  • Clean wounds and help develop wound care treatment plans. In cleaning wounds, the risk of further infection is greatly lowered.

Successful Enterostomal Nurse Application

To become a successful enterostomal specialist, a significant amount of training is required. Similarly, various certifications are needed in order to become a wound and ostomy specialists. Moreover, successful nursing specialists in the field of enterostomy must be able to exhibit exemplary motor skills as they perform a variety of hands-on tasks in providing care for patients.

Professional Enterostomal Nurse Resume

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