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What Are PACU Nurses and What Do They Do?pacu rn resume sample

pacu rn resumePost Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) nurses are highly trained critical care RNs. After a surgical operation or a procedure performed with the patient under anesthesia, the patient is transferred to the PACU. The PACU nurse must connect the patient to the appropriate equipment for vital signs such as BP, cardiac monitoring, pulse oximeter, and oxygen devices so thorough knowledge of these tools is essential. Patients are usually still under anesthesia and asleep. They must be monitored until they are conscious and have stable vital signs or meet other established criteria. Much of what PACU nurses do involves managing postoperative pain, so they must be knowledgeable about pain medications and proficient in administering them as well as in helping patients recover from anesthesia including caring for patients with postoperative nausea and vomiting. Although working directly under the care of a physician, the PACU nurse often has standing orders and must make their own decisions about what medications the patient needs. PACU nurses must be able to think critically and quickly.

Basics of Writing the PACU RN Resume

The PACU nurse resume has a similar format to those of other RNs. That will usually be a one page document consisting of several sections. The first section is a Summary of Qualifications followed by Licenses and Certifications and then the Employment section. The Education section rounds out those areas that are considered essential and a must have for PACU nursing resumes. An optional section that is often included is one for Nursing Technical Skills. This section will contain a list of all the equipment, methods, and skills you have used as a nurse. This can be a fairly substantial list for PACU nurses and can prove useful.

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Use a PACU Nurse Job Description Resume to Target the Position You Want

The most effective resumes for PACU nurses are those that target specific positions that are being applied for. This is where adding the optional Nursing Technical Skills section can really benefit you. Select the required skills for the position that you possess and focus on those qualifications in your nursing technical skills section. Include relevant keywords to the position in your summary of Qualifications as well as under your nursing technical skills. Employers reading your resume will be almost immediately aware that you possess the required qualifications for the position. This puts you one big step closer to landing a job interview. If you aren’t sure of the best way to write your resume our service can help.

Our Service Can Help with Your PACU Resume

We specialize in resume writing for nurses including those for PACU RNs. The writers we use have years of experience working with nursing resumes. They are also extremely familiar with the entire application process. The writer assigned to you will use their exceptional abilities and extensive experience to craft a completely original PACU nursing resume tailored to meet your specific needs and requirements. Every resume we write receives a final proofreading to ensure all mistakes have been eliminated. The completed resume you receive will be error free and designed to meet your objective of gaining an interview. Whether you need entry level nurse resume or you already have 10 years of experience we know that you’ll be satisfied with the result.

We Provide Superior Nursing Resumes and Great Benefits

Our nursing resumes are reason enough for most to choose our service. For those who are still undecided we provide additional benefits to make your decision easier. These include:

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