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Nursing Cover Letter New Grad Writing Help

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Nursing Cover Letter Purpose & Objective

The nursing cover letter new grad serves as your introduction to potential employers. It can also be used to highlight key skills and abilities you have relevant to the position you are applying for.

  • A good nursing cover letter shows your interest in the job and helps you stand out from the other applicants.
  • It should work in conjunction with your resume to generate enough interest in potential employers to gain you an interview.

The cover letter nurses write has a number of functions all leading to the same objective. A cover letter provides some information not included in your nursing student resume and shows employers why you are the best person to fill the position you are applying for. All of these things lead to the cover letters primary purpose which is to gain you an interview with the potential employer.

Cover letters for nurses should be written using a business letter format. They are relatively brief documents that typically range from three to four paragraphs in length. A new graduate will likely need only three while the cover letter RN applicants with 10 years’ experience write may run to four. Although some promote using bullet points in cover letters it is generally a good idea to leave those for the resume.

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Nurse Cover Letter Content

There is some basic information that you need to include in any cover letter. You need to tell the reader your reason for writing (to apply for a job), what position you are applying for and why you are interested in it. The nurse resume cover letter should also have information about your education and experience to show you are qualified for the position you are applying for. Including contact information is also a good idea so that the employer doesn’t have to look for it.

Techniques for Writing Nursing Cover Letters

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Including the basic information in the right format is probably not going to do much to help you stand out from the other applicants. The following are 6 techniques you can use to improve your cover letter new nurse and make it more effective:

  • If you claim a skill back it up with an example of how you have demonstrated that particular ability. Employers prefer statements backed with proof.
  • Write a separate cover letter for each position you are applying for. Employers will quickly catch on if you use the same cover letter for each job application. In addition a cover letter that can be used with every application will be too “generic” to help you stand out anyway.
  • Focus your cover letter on the employer. You do need to talk about yourself, but do so in terms of how you can help the employer. What employers want to know is how you can help them and how will they benefit by hiring you.
  • Do some research and mention some detail in your cover letter about the organization/institution where you are applying. This lets the employer know you have taken the time and effort to do some research and is an indication of your interest. It doesn’t have to be obvious. They will know. Some applicants will complain it is too much work to do research for 200 applications. If you do that with every cover letter there probably will be no need to submit 200 applications
  • Tailor the cover letter to the position. Focus on those skills you possess that most closely match those that the position calls. Examine the job description and include relevant keywords from it in your cover letter. The cover letter is too short to cover everything so stay focused on what is most relevant to the position
  • Start your letter with something memorable. Most cover letters begin with something along the lines of “I am writing in response to the position advertised.” This would be true but it is also forgettable. Hospitals and other institutions that hire nurses do tend to be conservative so don’t go overboard in your attempt to be memorable.

If you are unsure how to apply these techniques in your nursing cover letter our service is standing by to assist you.

Basics of the Nursing Cover Letter New Grad Job Applicants Submit

Many students nearing graduation are concerned about what to include in their cover letters as they lack the nursing cover letter new gradexperience that some of the other job applicants may have. However, the nursing cover letters new grad applicants write won’t vary tremendously from those of other applicants. The cover letter should be written using a standard business letter format.

Cover letters are concise documents and will usually be three or four paragraphs in length.

  • The opening paragraph of the cover letter should provide your reason for writing (job application), what position you are applying for and why you are interested in it.
  • The second paragraph is where you will highlight your skills and qualifications for the position. This will be your education and experience. As a new graduate much of your experience may come from clinical rotations in school and volunteer work. It still counts as long as it demonstrates you have the required skills. This paragraph may be split into two if it becomes overly lengthy but most new graduates won’t have that problem.
  • The third/final paragraph should thank the reader for their time and attention. It should also reiterate your interest in interviewing for the position and provide the best way to contact you.

Should You Write Your Entry Level Nursing Cover Letter Yourself?

Getting that first job will often rely more on your skill as a writer than on your skill as a nurse. Even if you are the very best nurse and a perfect fit for the position they want filled if you can’t quickly and efficiently communicate it you will not get called for an interview.

This is why it is often best to use a specialized and professional writer who will be able to:

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We Are Committed to Your Success

Our service offers nurse cover letter writing for nursing including for new graduates. Most students will have little or no experience with writing a nursing cover letter. New graduate nurses often find the job application process somewhat intimidating. They realize it is a competitive world out there but aren’t sure how to get noticed.

There are many third rate services that employ unqualified and inexperienced writers who will never be able to supply anything that you would use, from graduate nurse cover letter to nursing resume format for freshers, but there are also good services that would lack the specific knowledge required of a nursing application.

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In order to make the process as smooth and stress free as possible we offer additional benefits when you use our service including:

  • Guarantee of full customer satisfaction with all work we provide. If you aren’t happy with some part of the cover letter we will revise it at no additional charge until it meets with your full satisfaction. If we fail to fully satisfy all of your requirements you are entitled to a refund.
  • Customer confidentiality always assured
  • Affordable rates without sacrificing quality
  • Live customer support 24/7 to address any questions or concerns you may have

      Contact us for an effective nursing cover letter new grad and be sure you will love the result!