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Imagine the situation you have just finished the nursing school, with a freshly baked license and it feels like every door you approach will open, your dreams of perfect job place will finally come true. The reality is different, obtaining a good job position with a good, updated nursing resume 2018-2019 is not a rocket science, however, even the most experienced ones can stumble across some obstacles along the way. It is hard not to feel anxious about all the perspectives you cannot miss and future benefits you should not lose, but if you have a resume RN specialist beside you who is always ready to help you can be free of worries.

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Taking into account the latest trends that have modified drastically how RN resume format 2018-2019 looks and how it’s prepared you should be absolutely ready to prepare for all possible pitfalls and challenges the employers will create for you. Your task is to crack the barriers and figure out the tricks that will shorten your way towards desired position because medicine is one of the most fruitful medias for building a brilliant career. The interview is the only opportunity that you get to show off the strongest features of your personality as a nurse. So if you took the time to prepare for the procedure it won’t consume so much nerve cells and time to sort the things out for your potential employer.

Now that you have a license as a proof of your qualifications the interviewer will look at you from the different angle, focusing mostly on your ability to present yourself and evaluating your interpersonal skills, if the HR catches a glimpse of you as a disorganized, unreliable and unprepared candidate, you may blow all your chances for the new job.

Nursing Jobs 2018-2019: Career Overlook

The median salary of a clinical nurse specialist in 2016 was $76,209 and RN salary 2018 is expected to experience a great growth in the future. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that nurses will definitely see a 19% increase in demand by 2022. The demand can really be stunning and incredibly high, especially overwhelming it can be in certain most popular nursing specialties.

Here you can see the relevant data featuring employees with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Degree median salary according to the job, it suggests us that a family nurse practitioner (NP) is one of the most earning specialties with competitive median salary over $89,000 a year:

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Note – we use average salaries based on figures for each specialty, but note that these numbers and amounts can vary depending on your place of work, education level and several other factors that can be not so obvious in the first place. Here’s what employees with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Degree get, according to the city they live in:

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As was expected, New-York offers the highest salary opportunities for nursing with 87,000 for BSN Degree employees. Based on experience (years) same degree employees are able to gain significantly more money yearly as soon as they reach the bar of 20 years on the job, that’s when the majority of benefits also received:

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Top specialties in nursing in 2018 were: Neonatal Nurse, Nurse Midwife, Clinical Nurse, Critical Care Nurse, Dialysis Nurse. Employees with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) they get the following bonuses in 2018:

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The following nursing industries were the most popular: hospitals, ambulatory heath care services, nursing and residential care facilities, insurance carriers and related activities, educational services and administration of human resources programs.

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Nursing credentials popularity

According to Google trends data comparison, taking the time span of last 12 months we have a different popularity for major nursing credentials like RN, CCRN, FAAN, DNP. Before the analysis, let’s actually get this straight what those abbreviations stand for:

  • RN – Registered nurse (licensed)
  • CCRN – Nursing certification
  • FAAN – Nursing fellowship
  • DNP – Highest earned academic degree in nursing.

Numbers represent search interest relative to the highest point on the chart for the given region and time. A value of 100 is the time when RN term reached the peak popularity among users. A value of 75 means that the term dropped in popularity for 25%. Likewise, a score of 1 for the CCRN term means the term was less than 1% as popular as just RN.

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The lower part shows which term ranked highest in each region during the specified time frame (we took 12 months). Values are scaled from 0 to 100, where 100 is the region with peak popularity, a value of 50 is the region where the term is half as popular, and a value of 0 means that term was less than 1% as popular as the peak. The pictures show that almost all world is usually searching for RN (license), only such countries as Colombia and Japan were looking for DNP while Nigeria also googled FAAN, the fellowship and degree.

Nurse Job: How to Meet the Criteria

Like any other specialization, nursing has a set of peculiarities that demand different approach to the resume creation, of course, some universal rules are applied as well, like formatting and formal writing style but the others we’ve gathered specifically for effective resume for a nursing job.

Nowadays you can also find myriads of helpful resource in the form of podcasts, forums, articles and especially popular videos where you can dig really helpful tips, like this one:

1. Right structuring

Break the information into the neat and digestible pieces before serving on the paper. Structure the information chronologically, the last place of work is the most relevant so visually it should be the first spot the employer notices, make sure the location is right.

2. Keywords matter

It’s not a secret the keywords still matter for any kind of resume format. The action words your nursing resume should consist of includes: certified, assessed, tested, ordered, administered, diagnosed, treated, assisted, coordinated, rehabilitated, and so on, just like in the example:

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3. ATS Scanning

Some ATS systems will run like the gatekeepers leaving the CV’s that didn’t meat the criteria off the board. As a rule the ATS systems are used as helping algorithms and sort our those applicants with the relevant experience from those applicants who only want to try themselves in the new role. Some employers aren’t parsing the resumes with ATS, however, it was a common practice recently so expect that some nursing jobs 2019 still use that as the part of their hiring process. The practice will be most likely implemented if you’re applying to some rare positions with very strict and definite skills requirements and qualifications.

4. Networking

Just like majority of jobs nowadays, the nursing job is better cached with extensive networking opportunities. The Bureau of Labor and statistics in U.S deliver the data where 70 to 80% of all jobs are regularly found via professional network. Only 5 to 15% are currently filled with the search boards and specialized sites. Here’s what experts say:

RN resume format 2017 tipsOn a personal level, every new grad RN I’ve ever worked with who landed a job in a hospital right out of school either new someone at the hospital or got an offer after doing a clinical rotation at the hiring hospital which is essentially the same as knowing someone. Most recently, a friend who graduated from nursing school over 5 months ago landed a job on a Med/Surg-Tele unit only after getting introduced to the unit manger by a mutual contact.

5. Timing

Assume that 50 candidates are applying for the ICU position in the 3-day time span. Only 20 of them are really able to meet the requirements, and only 10 of them are really able to get the interview invitation, why? Because they were the first to send their CV’s, the other 10 will have their chance only in case the first 10 will not fit.

6. Cover letter

Rosemarie White is a Brisbane’s St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital director, within the time of her experience at the hospital she has been stumbling across successful applications and those less fortunate ones, including the enrolled nurses and registered nurses and she knows exactly the power that a great cover letter can have:

nursing jobs 2019 tips“It’s really important that your letter is professionally presented; it’s clear, concise and that the letter you are writing to the organisation represents you as a professional nurse,” she says.

Rosemarie reminds that no matter how you’re sending the application – as a way to reply to the add or as a way to send a ‘cold’ application, you should mention the position you’re applying for in the subject field.

rn salary 2017 tips“If it’s a general letter where you are applying to a hospital for an RN or EN, be very clear in the letter what you are applying for so that people understand what type of position you are applying for,” she says.

7. Objective

Some specialists say that objective is from the past, the others prefer to see such thing in applications and consider them as a must. The truth is if you really want to set an objective you need to mention only the job position/positions you’re applying for, no one is interested in abstract sentences like: “To get my skills and abilities to the full realization…” and other sophisticated but meaningless sentences.

8. Equipment and computer skills

If you have the experience working with medical equipment specify which ones you dealt with, the same attention you should pay to the computer skills in 2018-2019, write down all the medical software you’ve been using in the separate column so that it would be easier to spot them.

Stay confident, job search will be a frustrating and bumpy experience even you prepared everything beforehand, all you should remember is that when the time for the interview comes you will either win a new job or gain the job searching experience.

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