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Writing an Attention-Grabbing New Grad RN Resume

winning rn resume with our reliable help

Why the Graduate Nurse Resume Is Important

The graduate nursing resume you write is your best tool for displaying your newly earned skills and abilities. Your nursing resumes main objective is to generate enough interest in potential employers that they will schedule an interview in order to learn more about you and how well your qualifications match their needs. In order to do this, your new graduate RN resume must catch the attention of hiring managers and show them that you have the most relevant qualifications to fill the position you are applying for.

new graduate nursing resumeA winning graduate nurse resume plays a big part in your life because your future depends on it. Having a winning resume should the one you are thinking about and if you think that employer will get you because of your high grades, you are wrong. If you have a good nursing resume, it will help you to negotiate and command a higher salary. You should always remember that you should put your best foot forward to attract the employers and get the desirable job you want.

graduate nurse resume writing tips

Problems You May Encounter Writing a New Graduate Nursing Resume

good new graduate nurse resumeNew nursing graduates often don’t have much relevant experience that they can include in their resume. In addition despite the high demand for nurses, it is very competitive to gain desirable positions. Some of the best jobs out there may have as many as 100 applicants or more competing for the position along with you. With that many applicants it may seem impossible to catch the attention of potential employers and stand out from the crowd. New graduates also often have little idea how to write a new graduate registered nurse resume let alone one that stands out in a favorable way from 100 others. Reviewing a sample new grad RN resume is one way to start learning and can provide you with some idea of how to write your own.

Use Our Sample New Graduate Nurse Resume

Our service can provide you with a sample new grad RN resume that you can use as a writing guide. By reviewing a sample you can learn how to structure the new grad resume as well as what type of content you may want to include. However, there are times when you can’t learn everything you need to know by reviewing a sample. If you are unsure of the best way to approach writing your nursing resume our service is standing by to help.

sample new grad rn resume

These Tips Will Help RN Resume Shine

The new grad nurse resume is not only desirable, it is oftentimes mandatory. You will be hard pressed in the world of RN hiring to find a potential employer who is not interested in seeing your RN resume. We know the importance of this document, and how much of an impact (positive or negative) that it can make. That is why our experts gathered the most useful tips on writing your perfect document:

  • Present value proposition in qualifications summary: Make your resume with qualifications summary that gives an overview about yourself. Paint a good picture by including goal, level of experience, specialty area and credentials.
  • Add expertise section: Use bullets to show what you have. By using the bullets, identify all what you have done in the previous. Remember to be brief and specific and never add information that will not help you.
  • Detailed nursing experience: Employers want to understand about applicant contributions. By listing your experiences, you can have a good chance to take the position and you are having a good match for their company.
  • Top performer: Demonstrate that you are the right candidate. Tell that you had many contributions done in the past years whether you help your family, help patients and the community. Did you provide trainings for patients? Have you conducted health care seminars?

If you provide complete details about your accomplishments, then you are showing to the employer that you the right person and can an asset to their company. There are still many infomuchion you need to include in your nurse resume like about the proper formatting and appearance.

Proper Format about Graduate Nurse Resume

  • Use clean paper
  • Use readable font size
  • Use of bullets
  • Making paragraph is also ideal
  • Avoid using jargons.

To have the best resume, focus only on the things the employers want to read. Do not include information you think useless. Make sure to edit and proofread your resume before you submit. Finally, your registered nurse resume should have strong points to get the job you want.

Optional Sections to Increase Your New Nursing Resume Effectiveness

What are the basics of the new graduate nursing resume? The new graduate nurse resume is a relatively brief document around one page in length. However, despite its small size, it performs a very important task. This is the document that is going to get you your very first position as a registered nurse.

The grad nurse resume will have four sections that although not mandatory are pretty much essential. They are the summary, licenses and certifications, education and clinical rotations. These four sections as well as your name and contact information are all the information that your new nursing resume must have but probably not all it needs to be effective.

Including only the bare minimum probably won’t grab employers’ attention or have them inviting you to interview. There are additional sections you may add that are optional and which might make your resume more effective.

Optional sections are work history, affiliations, volunteer activities, honors and awards, skills summary and languages. Only include an optional section if you have something to put in it. These sections may contain information that isn’t directly related to nursing but can still be considered relevant because they display characteristics that employers value such as reliability, compassion and initiative.

Tricks for Writing New Nurse Graduate Resume

The purpose of the new grad rn resume is to get employers attention, generate interest in you and your qualifications and hopefully land an interview. Here are a few tricks you can use to improve the resumes odds of achieving your purpose:

  • Keep your resume at the appropriate length. The size of your resume should be determined by your experience. A new nursing grad will have a resume of only one page. A nurse with 10 years or more of experience may have to add a second page
  • Add an expertise section to your resume. A bulleted list of your proficiency areas provides hiring managers with an overview of your capabilities. Your key skills could be a nursing specialty area like pediatrics or specific skills like medication administration or case management.
  • Write a professional profile instead of an objective statement. Employers now prefer a professional profile since it relates the value you’ll bring to the institution. It also offers you an excellent platform to summarize your experience and any specialty areas
  • Match your resume to the job description. Focus on accomplishments in your resume that are relevant to the specific position you’re looking at. Reorganize your information so the most relevant things appear at the top. Employers and recruiters will see them first and in all likelihood will be what they remember
  • Proofread your resume many times and eliminate any grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and typos. An otherwise good resume can be ruined by a few careless mistakes.

The new grad RN resume can be a vital tool for job hunting success. When you hire us to write your new rn resume, we will work with you to formulate your newfound qualifications in such a manner so as to gain the favorable attention of your prospective employers. We know which aspects of your education, work history, and future goals to highlight, and will work with you to create the new grad RN resume that will serve to dazzle.

Entry-Level Registered Nurse Resume

new grad nursing resumeWhen you are applying for work with an entry level Registered Nurse resume, the level of importance you put into creating it must be second to none. It is not a process or piece of paper to be dismissed lightly, but rather a documentation that should be viewed as an extension of who you are, to your prospective employer. Especially with an entry level Registered Nurse resume, the document becomes your voice. You may not have previous job related experience to speak on your behalf, so, therefore, you must make your resume speak volumes. We can work with you to make that happen, and we can assist you in meeting all of your career goals.

Get a perfect RN resume from professional writers!

New Grad Nursing Resume Entry Level

New graduates enter into the field of RN work every day (you have to start somewhere, right?). Gaining that foothold for entry, however, can be a bit intimidating. Our new grad nursing resume services are here to work with you to help you create new graduate RN resume that will turn heads.

When you hire our new graduate RN resume service to help you create your new grad nursing resume, we know that you are entrusting us with your future. Your career goals and desires become our career goals and desires, and we will leave no stone unturned when it comes to creating a top-notch, stand out resume to help guide you towards meeting them.

new nurse graduate resume writing tips

Our Help with the Grad Nurse Resume

We provide nursing resume writing assistance that is among the best in the industry. The team of professional writers we have assembled is well qualified to provide any nursing resume help requested from new grad to neonatal intensive care unit nurse resume. All of our writers have extensive experience working with nursing resumes and they are very familiar with the entire application process. They know what employers are looking for when they view resumes and how to present your information in the most effective manner. We are confident in the quality of the resumes we provide.

As an expression of our confidence, we offer additional benefits when you use our services including:

  • Complete customer satisfaction guarantee with all work we provide;
  • On time delivery of all work guarantee;
  • Complete customer confidentiality assured;
  • Courteous and helpful customer support always available.

All resumes we provide are completely original and designed to meet the specific needs of individual clients. An effective resume will show employers how you differ from other applicants and why that makes you the best selection to fill the position you are applying for.

Contact us for a new grad RN resume that catches the attention of employers and displays your qualifications to best advantage!