Pediatric Nurse Resume

Pediatric Nurse Job Description

Pediatric Nurse ResumeA pediatric nurse’s primary responsibility is to provide care for children from infancy through their late teenage years. Having advanced training in pediatrics and child care, pediatric nurses work cooperatively with physicians and other health care specialists to ensure the wellbeing of their patients. Pediatric nurses are also expected to provide a significant amount of education to their patients’ families in order to further provide care and ensure the protection of the children’s health. Pediatric nurses are also experts in providing education for prevention of the spread of illnesses and general health education. Pediatric nurses have different responsibilities and roles ranging from private practices to large scale public roles. A certain level of dedication and passion to providing care to patients is needed in order to become a successful pediatric nurse.

Neonatal Nurse Job Requirements

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Good organizational skills
  • Ability to multitask
  • Dedication to providing care and service to patients and patients’ families.

Pediatric Nurse Skills

A pediatric nurse requires a number of special skills and qualities that are vital for success in the field.  Check out the following:

  • Compassion – A pediatric nurse is compassionate and has a heart for helping those in need.  A sympathetic and caring nature is helpful in making both children and parents feel comfortable and at ease.
  • Patience – Patience is vital when working with children who may not always be cooperative because of their fear or lack of understanding of a procedure. Patience is required when administering care in stressful situations.
  • Staying calm under pressure – A pediatric nurse is able to stay calm under pressure. In emergency situations, one must be able to respond quickly and perform efficiently on the task at hand.
  • Attention to details – A pediatric nurse can perform physical examinations, administer medication, and help doctors operate.  Attention to detail is necessary.
  • Critical thinking – A pediatric nurse must be able to assess the patient’s health, symptoms, level of pain, and any changes to their condition. One must also know when appropriate action must be done.
  • Organization – A pediatric nurse needs to have good organization skills, as one will be dealing with multiple patients with different needs and stages of health. It is helpful to be organized and to know how to prioritize as well.
  • Excellent communication skills – A pediatric nurse must be able to communicate effectively with their young patients, their parents and other healthcare professionals. One must be able to address the concerns of both children and parents, answer any questions they may have, and provide them instructions on how to take the necessary medication. A pediatric nurse must be a good communicator and listener.

Successful Pediatric Nurse Application

A pediatric nursing job is a highly-demanding yet similarly highly-rewarding career. As this is the case, a lot of nursing graduates have been choosing this specialty to practice. Because of this, it is expected of an aspiring pediatric nurse to exhibit certain characteristics expected of these professionals. To be successful in pediatric nursing, an individual must exhibit extraordinary dedication and passion in providing care to patients, especially to children. This is in addition to the expected successfully-finished nursing degree and required license and certifications. It is to the advantage of a prospective pediatric nurse candidate to have specialty training in pediatrics and neonatal care. Courses in child health in psychology also help an individual for work in pediatrics as these courses give valuable insight into the highly dynamic field of pediatric care and nursing.

Professional Pediatric Nurse Resume

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