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Practical Part of Nurse Interview

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Image credit: netdna-cdn.com

Image credit: netdna-cdn.com

Just like any other profession, before one is given a job acceptance letter, you must apply for the available job position after which you will be shortlisted depending on the quality of the job application form you submit. It is after the shortlisting process, that few are invited to participate in an interview for the interviewing panel to choose the most appropriate and qualified applicant for the available position.

The nursing profession is however different from other professions in the sense that the people shortlisted for the interview not only engage in a verbal interview but they are also required to prove their practical skills during the interview. This is attributed to the fact that the nursing profession is more of a practical professional rather than sitting in an office. So among the nurses interview questions which you need to prepare yourself with, you should make sure that you also incorporate the practical questions in your practice so that you are able to impress the interviewing panel.

Some Useful Interview Tips for Nurses

There are multiple programs that fall under the nursing department and therefore the interview questions especially the practical questions will be quite different based on the different nursing specialization areas. Although this is the case, there are those practical skills that every nurse regardless of their area of specialization must possess and it is these skills that one should be well familiar with to make sure that they are well prepared for any question that might posed to them during the interview.

A List of the Nursing Skills Check Off

  1. The first of these practical skills include the administering of oral and intravenous medications. Every person who has graduated from a nursing school should possess these skills and so should you if you are making a job application for a nursing job vacancy.
  2. Another practical question that you might be asked to is to take patient’s vital signs and walk the interviewing panel through the signs where they will confirm that you actually possess the relevant nursing skills.
  3. Another practical test is the ability of the nurse to effectively communicate with the patient.
  4. You might also be asked to nurse a wound or something close.
  5. One may also be asked to highlight the specific care required on certain patients with special needs.

A List of Some of the Questions That Might Be Asked

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. What interests you about this opening?
  3. What do you know about our company so far?
  4. Why did you leave your last job?
  5. Tell me about your experience at [your last job].
  6. What experience do you have managing?
  7. Tell me about your strengths
  8. Tell me about a time when … (These will be situations relevant to the position. For instance: Tell me about when you had to take initiative … you had to deal with a difficult customer … you had to respond to a crisis … you had to give difficult feedback to an employee … You get the idea.)
  9. What salary range are you looking for?
  10. What questions do you have for me?

With the above information, you should have access to the registered nurse skills list, which you should use to make sure you are aware of the possible practical tests you might be asked to participate in. For more information on how you can prepare yourself for the potential nurses interview questions, can always log onto our website at and you will be guaranteed access to this as well as other useful information you can use to prepare for a nursing interview.

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