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Professional Resume For RPN

winning rn resume with our reliable help

All about Registered Practical Nurse Job

Nurses are considered as the pillars of the healthcare system. They facilitate doctors and patients both. For the job of a registered nurse, you have to write a RN resume. Here we are discussing the job details and RN nurse resume in details. It will be helpful particularly for those, who want to write a new grad RN resume.

You can find ICU nurse resume sample online, if you need one. Here we will discuss general RN resume.

What Is the Difference Between RN and RPN?

RN stands for the registered nurse, while RPN stands for the Practical Nurse. Although, the two terms are used interchangeably, there are few key differences between them. The duties and status of both is different in different countries.

An RN is the one who has completed nursing program and also has a license. 4 years university education is compulsory to become a registered nurse. They supervise practical nurses and in some situations are allowed to handle the unstable patients too.
RN can work in intensive care units and in surgical wards as well. Salary of a registered nurse is more when compared with an RPN.

On the other hand, RPN is the person who has completed 1-2 years of diploma program. They work according to the directions of RN and they cannot handle patients with complex medical conditions. They assist doctors and in the absence of a doctor, they have to follow the directions of RN. Their salary is less than RN.

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What Qualities Should a Nurse Have?

Nursing profession is about taking care of others. A nurse has to complete the academic requirements, before he or she starts working as nurse. Other than the academic qualification, there are some other qualities, which are necessary for a nurse:

  • Caring: This is the most important quality for a nurse. Nurse have to take care of all kinds of patients. Nurses have to be sympathetic, but they have to control their own emotions.
  • Handle the stress: Nurses have to work in stressful situations, so they should be able to handle such situations. Tragic illness and traumatic illness are not easy to manage, but nurses have to remain calm and provide all the necessary care, according to the situation.
  • Communication skills: Although communication skills are necessary for every profession, but for nurses, it’s more than important. They need to have very good communication skills, as they have to communicate with the doctors, patients, their families, and coworkers. They have to listen to the doctor carefully and work according to their instructions. A nurse with good communication skills can satisfy patients and their families in a better way.
  • Responsible: A nurse has to be responsible for his or her duties. They have to perform all their duties with utmost accuracy. A little mistake can be dangerous for the life of a patient.
  • Able to handle tough job timings: Nurses should be prepared to work for long hours. In case of emergency, they may have to stay in hospital for long. They have to work on holidays and do the night shifts as well. They should be flexible with their timings.

memorable registered practical nurse resume sample

What Does a Practical Nurse Do?

The basic job of a practical nurse or PN is to provide health care to the patients, under the supervision of the doctor or RN. Practical nurse does a variety of jobs, for instance

  • The teach the family members of patients about the special needs of the patients
  • They help in delivering babies
  • They care and feed new born babies
  • They collect samples for testing
  • Run routine laboratory tests
  • They start intravenous drips

These are some general responsibilities, nurses may perform other duties in different states, under the supervision.

Writing a Great RPN Resume Is an Important Step in Your Job Search Journey

When it comes to RPN resume or new grad RN resume, no one can deny from the importance. Although, being an RPN takes 4 years but even then, the competition in job market is on the rise. Only a great resume can help you to get a job quickly. If you want a job in any particular healthcare institution, you have to work hard to write a perfect resume. Your job search starts with a resume and a good one can take you to your destination in short time. People having ordinary resume have to wait for long for their job and they have to make many compromises, in terms of job hours and salary. So, a great resume is your only option to get your dream job. Focus on your registered practical nurse resume and stand out from the crowd.

How to Write an RPN Resume and Apply for a job? 5 most Common Questions

If you are writing resume for registered practical nurse, you have to do a little homework first. You should know what to include in your resume and some other details. Here are the few questions, which you can find helpful:

What should be included on a resume?

Your resume for RPN should contain information

  • About your nursing specific education like BSN, MSN. Mention the name of the school as well.
  • Nursing license and certification details
  • Availability, how many hours you are work.
  • If you have any computer experience
  • Specific details about your duties during previous or current job
  • Honors and awards
  • Any special assignments
  • Professional affiliations

What skills should I list on my nursing resume?

You can mention a lot of skills on your resume, as nurses have to possess some soft skills and some practical skills. You can mention both of them. But make sure that your write just the few, so that recruiter can read them. No one will give attention to a long list of skills. Mention the most important ones only.

What is the format of a resume?

Ans: The format of the RPN resume is very important. You need to understand that recruiter gives just a few seconds to every resume. If the format is not eye catching and easy to read, they will reject it within first 3 seconds, no matter how qualified you are. So, make sure that the format is appropriate. Use the 12-font size with clear font style, which can be Arial or Times New Roman. No colors and no styling. You can see example of RPN resume, you get an idea about the format.

How to list the nursing credentials in resume?

Nurses have no idea that how they should list their nursing credentials. the first important thing to mention in your educational degrees, most recent first. After that, mention your license like RN or LPN. Next is the designations you held during previous jobs. In the end, you have to list your national certifications.

Is it important to mention the work history?

Yes, it’s very important. Don’t worry about the length of the resume. If it exceeds two pages, its fine but you have to mention the work history. Start with the most recent on. Mention the position held, duration of your job and any specific duties you performed there.

How to Write an Amazing Registered Practical Nurse Resume?

When you start writing licensed practical nurse resume, you have to select a lay out. Variety of designs and layouts are available. You can choose the most suitable one. When you are writing your RPN resume for hospital, it is divided into different sections:

  • Contact information: Write your name on the top in bold letters. The first section below the name is your contact information. Write your postal address, contact number, and social media profile address as well. But they should be for official use. If they have personal pictures don’t give that.
  • Qualification summary: If you see a registered practical nurse resume sample, you will see that the next section is about the qualification. You have to mention your qualification is a brief summary, starting with the highest degree. Mention your degree name, year of passing and name of institution.
  • Relevant skills: Next section is about your skills. Start with the most relevant practical skills, like administration of IV injections, carry out lab tests, administering medications etc. After that, mention some of your soft skills like empathy, responsibility, communication etc. You can make short list for both.
  • Work history: Next section is about work history. Start with the most recent posting. Mention the name of post you held, the duration of your stay and the name of the institution you worked for. You can also mention the duties you were used to perform there.
  • Certification: Mention certification relevant to the job, starting with the most recent one. Give the duration and name of the institution.

10 Winning Tips to Write a Strong Registered Practical Nurse Position Resume

If you are planning to write your RPN resume 2019, these few tips can help you:

  • Select a proper layout for your registered practical nurse position resume. It should be catchy and attractive, but very clear. Select a style and stick to that.
  • All the information you provide should be true and authentic. Don’t tell any lie.
  • Include just the relevant information. No one is interested in reading irrelevant details.
  • Include all those activities which show your commitment for the nursing profession.
  • Write your resume according to the values of the institution you are applying to. Write customized resume for each hospital.
  • Don’t apply with an old resume to a new job. Apply with an updated resume.
  • Write your resume in an organized way.
  • Mention your future goals in resume. Use the objective portion for that.
  • Write a keyword rich resume, it is very important these days.
  • Review after writing your resume, again and again.

If you read a few samples, it will help you. However, sample resume for registered practical nurse with no experience is different than an experienced nurse.

Contact us for RPN resume writing help that improves your chances of landing the position you want!

Apply for the Job

Once you are done with your RN nurse resume, you have to apply for the job. You may be interested in working as certified nursing assistant or registered practical nurse. But hunt for the job is another important step. You can use online portals to find the job of your choice. A number of institutions accept online applications only. It is getting famous, due to many reasons:

  • It is convenient to use online application system. You can submit the application any day, any time, without waiting for the working hours and working days.
  • The online application portals offer editing facility too. If you have made any mistake and you realize it later, you can edit it easily.
  • It is a time saving method. It saves a lot of time of the employers as well. The applications are easy to sort and filter, by using software.

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Why Is It Better to Rely on Our Professional Service?

We do resume writing for healthcare professionals. You can write your own resume, but now a day the competition is really tough. It’s not easy to find a job. But if you hire RPN resume writing services, like us, you can enjoy a lot of advantages:

  • We have professional writers and editors from the nursing background. Many of them had worked as recruiters in the past. They know all those key points, in which recruiters are interested. So, we can write a successful resume for you.
  • Our experts are well aware of the recent trends and styles in resume writing. We think, you understand the importance of an up to date resume.
  • We can write all kids of resume, no matter you are a RN, LVN, ADN, we can write your resume according to your requirements.
  • If you need your resume in short time, we can help you with that too.

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We write RPN resume for our clients. Our resume writing services are helping nurses to get their desired job. You can contact us for quality resume writing in affordable price!