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I was pretty impressed with the outcome of my resumes in nursing. They wrote based from my instructions and so I appreciate them for that. Thank you guys for making excellent resumes to all job seekers out there. I would hire you again in the future.

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New Grad Nurse Resume Writing: What to Know

winning rn resume with our reliable help

Understanding the Value of the New Grad Nurse Resume

The new graduate nursing resume is a powerful tool you have for finding employment in your field. Your entry level registered nurse resume is how you will display your experience, training, and skills to potential employers when applying for a position. Many people consider resumes to be nothing more than a list of schools you have attended and the jobs you have held. However, your nursing resume will also focus on specific skills and abilities you have. During the application process employers, recruiters, and hiring managers will often look for specific skills as opposed to matching job titles or positions. This especially benefits new graduate nurses who have never held a position as an RN before.

Structure and Content of the Resume for New Graduate Nurse

The typical resume for new graduate nurse job applicants will average around one page in length. It will contain at least four sections that should be in every nursing resume new grad. Of course, your name and contact information will be displayed at the top of your resume. The four mandatory sections are for:

  1. Summary
  2. Licenses and Certifications
  3. Education
  4. Clinical Rotations

There are also an additional six optional headings that you could include if you have relevant information that belongs there. Optional section headings in new graduate nursing resumes are:

  1. Work History
  2. Volunteer Activities
  3. Affiliations
  4. Skills Summary
  5. Honors and Awards
  6. Languages

The clinical rotations section will contain the majority of nursing experience for most new graduates. Optional sections may contain information that isn’t directly related to nursing but that display characteristic you have that employers value.

We Provide New Graduate RN Resume Writing Assistance

Our service offers to resume writing assistance for any nursing position. Our writing team consists of real professionals with vast experience working with nursing resumes. We provide high-quality resumes that are effective and attract the kind of attention you need. A resume that looks just like all the other new graduates will not help you much when looking for your first RN position. That’s why you should take advantage of the new grad resume writing assistance we offer.

Advantages of Having Our Service Assist with Your New Graduate Nursing Resume

new grad nurse resumeThere are quite a few advantages to be gained when you get resume writing assistance from our service. That is to be expected when you have access to some of the best nursing resume writers in the industry. Our benefits are:

  • Original nursing resumes tailored to meet your specific requirements with the help of one of our well qualified professional writers
  • Free nursing career and interview tips provided by experts
  • Free proofreading to ensure an error-free resume
  • Effective resumes that target specific jobs and highlight key skill sets you possess

All of these advantages add up to a new graduate RN resume that makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd. That alone is a great reason to choose us to assist you in writing your resume. For anybody who is still undecided, you were right to wait because there are more advantages that should convince you.

Additional Advantages When You Use Our Service

The following benefits make our great service even better:

  • Satisfaction guarantee and always on-time delivery
  • Affordable rates with no hidden costs
  • Quick and simple online order process
  • Friendly customer support always available 24/7

Contact us for an effective new grad nurse resume that highlights the right qualifications to get the results you want!