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Expert Help With Your New Grad Nursing Resume

winning rn resume with our reliable help

Nursing Resume Purpose

The nursing resume is the most valuable tool you have for marketing your skills and experience to potential employers. A well-written resume will get the attention of hiring managers and display your qualifications for the position you are applying for. The resumes main objective is to obtain an interview for the position being applied for.

New Grad Nursing Resume Skills List

new grad rn resume exampleBeing a fresh nursing graduate means you have limited skills except for internship and other pre-qualification experiences such as volunteer service and more. So, to help increase your chances at a residency job you need to play on other skills and assets to include:

  • Educational background. For a residency program in nursing educational qualification is a must and having a bachelor’s degree for a new grad is plus when combines with other certifications, licenses, skills and work experience. If you have also done other programs, A’ levels, and degrees, honours and awards before your nursing program it should increases your chances even more.
  • Licenses and certification. Add your nursing license details and certifications obtained that’s of relevance to your intended residency program. Add your license details in more visible aspects of your resume such as the objective. Always include your nursing license number and type of license (Licensed Practical Nurse -LPN, Registered Nurse -RN or Advanced Practice Nurse –APN) in your resume.
  • Clinical rotation programs. Your clinical rotation program will usually be of much interest to the board for recruitment purpose and could either increase your chances or out-rightly put an end to your residency application. Though some institutions do make clinical rotation compulsory for residency application here is what to include for clinical rotation:
    • Name of medical facility/ department
    • Complete address of the medical facility
    • Nature of experience
    • Number of days and total hours worked

Whatever you include in your new grad RN resume with no experience, make sure it has relevance to your intended residency institution.

writing a good nursing cover letter new grad

Nursing Resume New Grad Writing Tips

The following are some writing tips that may be useful as you work on your new grad RN resume:

  • Provide a summary of your qualifications at the beginning of your resume. This profile presents a summary of who you are professional. In making a summary of your qualifications, make it short and straight to the point. Avoid exaggerations and make the descriptions realistic.
  • Use relevant keywords especially if you are submitting your nursing application online as employers keep applicants’ resumes in a database. When they are searching for potential nurses to interview, the search function of the database looks for specific keywords entered in the search inquiry. Using relevant keywords will make your resume search engine friendly. Larger institutions employ automated systems many nurse resumes are cut because they don’t the right keywords
  • Include your clinical experiences as a nursing student. If you don’t have any prior nursing-related work experience to list, it is best to include details about your clinical rotations. Include only those relevant to the position you are applying for. If you already have prior entry-level experience omit your clinical experience as a nursing student
  • Keep descriptions and other details concise. Get straight to the point. Well organized and concisely written information is much easier to scan.
  • Don’t get overly creative with your resume in an attempt to attract attention. Resumes on brightly colored paper or with decorative borders look unprofessional and are usually ignored.

Using Nursing Resume Tips

Aside from taking into account the tips nursing resume mentioned above when learning how to write nurse resume, you should also consider which employer you want to target. It’s true that there are plenty of nursing jobs out there that are worth considering applying for but you should learn more about the company, the kind of experience they are looking for in their applicants and what other requirements they need to be considered for the job.

sample nursing cover letter new grad   new grad rn resume sample

Use a Sample New Grad Nursing Resume as a Writing Guide

For students nearing graduation, or new nurse graduates writing a new grad RN resume can be difficult. Lacking professional experience, many new nurses are unsure how to write their entry level registered nurse resume. Reviewing nursing resume examples new grad job applicants have written in the past is one way to learn how to structure your own and also provides some guidance as to what should be included.

Our Service Provides Nursing Resume Examples New Grad Job Applicants Can Review

We provide new grad rn resume samples that can be used as writing guides by new graduates. In addition, we offer an RN resume template new grad nurses can use. Both samples and templates are to be used as guides only. You will need to adapt them to suit your own needs. The following is a new grad nurse resume sample:

John Healthgood

2010 Main Street

Every Town, Any State 99999

Phone number (009) 999­9999

Email: [email protected]

Professional Summary

Recognized as a competent and efficient team member able to effectively communicate and collaborate within the interdisciplinary team in order to deliver safe, quality patient center care. Has strong analytical skills and is adept at assessing conditions and administering interventions.

Licensures and Certifications

Registered Nurse: Any State Board of Nursing, License #0000000

Basic Life Support (BLS) certified by American Heart Association


Nursing College, Some City, Some State

Bachelor of Science in Nursing,

Clinical Rotations

City Hospital, Some City, Some State

Responsible for up to eight patients under the supervision of Clinical Instructor and a variety of Registered Nurses planning and providing bedside care, treatment and clinical documentation for patients on cardiac, oncology and medical-surgical floors. Handled medication administration, dressing changes, IVs and all other aspects of nursing care. Facilitated admissions, discharges and transfers; prepared chart notes and other documentation; and participated on interdisciplinary team

Work Experience

Dew Drop Inn, Some City, Some State

Bartender, cook, dishwasher

Activities and Achievements

Dean’s list Nursing College

As new nurses often lack experience the resume section for education is usually included before employment history. Clinical rotations are often included as they may be the most relevant experience a new nurse has. If you are unsure of the best approach for writing your new graduate nurse resume our service can help.

Resume Writing Assistance for New Nursing Graduates

sample new grad nursing resumeWe offer resume writing assistance for nurses whether they are new graduates or have years of experience. The writers we use are skilled professionals. They have extensive experience working with nursing resumes, writing new grad RN resume summary and are well aware of how to present your information to get the best results. Every resume we write is original and customized to meet the specific requirements of individual clients.

Get a professionally done new nurse cover letter as well as additional benefits of using our service include:

  • Free proofreading of every resume to ensure it is error free
  • Guarantee of complete customer satisfaction and on time delivery with all work we provide
  • Customer confidentiality always assured
  • Live customer support 24/7

Contact us for a sample new grad nursing resume or writing assistance with your own, both provided by our experts!