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Woman’s vs Man’s Resume Battle

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In writing the resume, male and female candidates are different. Some of them focus in writing their skills, while others do not. If you want to know the differences of male and female candidates in writing their resume, check this page!


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Differences of Male and Female Candidates in Writing Their Resume

Female: Females are turned off with job descriptions that list about their personality traits. They tend to write a summary instead of listing their traits.

Male: Males are aggressive, analytical, assertive and independent. They look for words such as dedicated, sociable, responsible and conscientious. It means that men are not affected by feminine or masculine descriptors.

Female: Women do not use much social media in writing their resume and in searching for jobs.

Male: Men use social media most of the time when it comes to job searches.

Female: Females describe themselves by using feminine terms such as nurturing, supportive and warm.

Male: Males want to give strong impression to employees that are why they describe themselves with words that are more masculine descriptors such as assertive, independent, and achievement-oriented and others.

Tips for Employees

  • According to findings, it is better if employers will know what to write in their job descriptions. Here are some things they should know.
  • Employers must need to include a balance of feminine and masculine words in the job description.
  • Employers must need to seek for applicants with the use of different sources. Heavy reliance of the social media attracts more men.
  • Employers must need to evaluate applicants’ soft and hard skills. They need to check out the criteria they are looking for.

Males and females applicants are different in writing their resume. It is better to learn of the differences so that you will know what to consider and what you need to include in your graduate nurse resume.

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