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Writing a Perfect Student Nurse Resume

As a student nurse, one faces many challenges both in school and on the field of work. As if that is not enough, there are times that a student nurse resume needs to be created. Many nursing students struggle to create a good image by making that perfect grad RN resume. What are the factors that one needs to consider to make a good and competitive student-nursing resume aside from the basics?

Core Qualifications to Mention on a Student Resume for Nurses

  • Medical terminology: Broad knowledge of the professional language will show that you are familiar with essential procedures and treatment methods
  • Efficiency in basic reports: Able to perform common medical procedures (such as examine and monitor a patient’s heart rate and blood pressure) and report them 
  • Familiarity with medical equipment: Familiarity and experience with a vast range of medical equipment
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills: Ability to think critically and analytically in assessing a patient’s health and determining the best course of action for the patient
  • Organization and time management skills: Ability to organize and prioritize tasks
  • Teamwork skills: Works effectively with doctors, co-nurses and other health care personnel to provide complete patient care.
  • Communication skills: Has great communication skills with doctors, health care personnel, patients and their families

What a Perfect Student Nurse Resume Should Look Like

As a student nurse, you should always reflect professionalism in every endeavor that you take. The way you write your resume should always be professional. Having excellent grammar use is always a plus. A perfect resume should always be neat. Always keep in mind that your resume draws a picture of your personality to anyone that reads it. In nursing student resumes, the content is of course important but the overall appearance of the document always counts too.

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Number of Pages & Format of a Student Nurse Resume

One or two-page resumes usually work well. These numbers are considered standard in US resume writing. Be sure that your student nurse resume is easy to read by using a 1-inch margin and typefaces like Calibri or Arial. The type of paper and the type of print is also another factor you need to consider. It is standard to use white paper with dark and clear print. Place your name and page number on the top of the second page to avoid mix-ups.

How to List Your Professional Nursing Experience

  • Nursing studies. State your experience in your clinical rotations as a student nurse. Write the subject of your course, the clinical site, and the dates and number of hours you served. You should include the nursing skills you learned and developed at each clinical site.
  • Daily tasks. You may state the ways you carried out daily tasks under the supervision of registered nurses and a nurse manager, and collaborated with other health care professionals to provide excellent patient care. Mention your experience in performing various patient care duties such as administering prescribed medications, changing dressings, cleaning wounds, monitoring vital signs, maintaining reports of a patient’s condition and other duties.
  • Performing procedures. State how you assisted patients with activities of daily living such as bathing, changing clothes and giving meals. Mention how you assisted physicians and surgeons in performing procedures. Indicate the basic clinical procedures you gave mastered through constant training.
  • Training workshops. You may also include any of these organized by hospitals that you have participated in that allowed you to enhance your skills. Mention any volunteer work or civic engagement activities you have done where you have applied your nursing skills.
  • Practicum and internships. Your future employer will keep in mind that you have practical experience in a professional setting. These are the important points to mention in your professional experience section. You should not forget them when creating your resume to stand out and show your expertise in the field. Highlight only the most important ones because of the limited space in your resume. Take note of these and create an impressive resume today!

Include Non-Nursing Work Experience

Incorporating work experiences not related to nursing in your student resume can be very beneficial just as long as you mention the skills that you have gained from them. These skills may include using computer programs, management skills, marketing skills and more. Note, that these skills are good for nursing student resumes only, they are never included into cover letters (see some examples here).

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Indicate Achievements and Awards in Your Student Nurse Resume

Place your best foot forward. Add to your resume any achievements that you may have in terms of academics. Mention awards that you were able to get so that you can boost your resume’s power. Include any position that you held in school organizations to show that you are a team player, lead and can also follow in an organization. Commonly, achievements from high school are excluded but you can add one or two if they are really exceptional.

Show Your Human Side

You can never go wrong when adding volunteer work experience in your resume. This will show the readers of your student nursing resume that you have the passion for your chosen career. As long as the volunteer work experience is relevant, do not think twice in incorporating them in your resume. Examples of volunteering activities include working on nursing homes, serving in homeless shelters, helping out in blood banks and organizing blood-letting activities in your school. Be sure to include details of the duration of your work. Give exact dates if possible. Your job description during your volunteer work experience can also give more color to your resume.

Make a Great Cover Letter

A great resume needs a great cover letter. Cover letters provide an opportunity to personalize your application and get the desired nursing job anywhere in the US. You write about your passion for nursing and what can you contribute to any institution that will accept you.

Be sure your student nurse resume will shine with us! Order it today!